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Do You Want to Get at Least Five Demos a Week for Your Technology Company??

Imagine What Would Happen to Your Sales When You are Having 20 Demos a Month.

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In the class we will discuss:

How to build awareness, consideration, preference, and promotion for your technology without cold calling, cold emailing, relying on referrals, or word of mouth.

How to get five demos a week without cold calling, networking, PPC, SEO, SEM, or inbound marketing.

How to build a demand generation and selling system that provides you a consistent flow of leads into your business using Gleicher’s Formula for Change.

How to build a message that compels your target market to hunger for more information on your technology even if you know nothing about sales and writing marketing copy.

DISCLAIMER: This class is nothing but meat and potatoes aimed at helping you grow market share. I will not waste your time by taking 30-minutes to describe how great I am and how much money my clients are making using our system.

The reason technology companies do not get the number of demos they want is due to the fact that:

  • They are more excited about talking about the technology or service versus communicating how their technology or service can make someone’s life better.
  • Their messaging sounds like everyone else’s, which commoditizes their offering. (Not good.)
  • They think their prospects will “get the technology” when in actuality people cannot tie your features to the prospect’s benefits.
  • Their message is not delivering a clear and compelling message in nine seconds or less.
  • They believe that the technology will sell itself. (It won’t – ask the founders of Google or Facebook when they were starting out.)
  • They are putting the cart before the horse by trying to take the lead from the introduction right to the demo. (This violates buyer psychology and will not work.)
  • Their offer is not compelling enough.

Get More Demos

Getting demos is about converting strangers to acquaintances, acquaintances into friends, and friends into clients/customers.

We help our clients get demos through a multi-model approach using:

  • LinkedIn to connect with decision makers in your target market.
  • LinkedIn messages to nurture your new connections.
  • A non-promotional, education-based email campaign using our Marketing Equation (built on buyer psychology) to compel your target market to become interested in your technology or service.
  • The good old fashion telephone to set up introductory calls with first level LinkedIn connections so that you can build your “know, like, and trust” factor with decision makers in your target market.
  • A simple yet little known tactic to convert an introductory call into a demo.
  • Creating an offer that is too good to resist. (Resistance is futile.)

Click here to learn more about how to use a multi-model approach to converting strangers into clients without cold calling, PPC, SEO, or turning into a salesperson.

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Who the Hell am I and Why am I Qualified to Help You Get Demos?

Below is why I am qualified to help you get more demos than you can handle:

  • Worked at Accenture for six years implementing ERP systems, accounting systems, and eCommerce systems;
  • Built a financial services company from nothing to $800 million in assets in eight years in a very competitive industry;
  • Helped more than 300 technology and technology service companies grow revenue by $306 million over the last 7.5 years;
  • Worked as a civil engineer by trade and computer programmer so I understand your language. (I used to program in .asp, .net, and artificial intelligence.)