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About Us

Who Are We? Do you have a bad ass technology or service, yet no one is noticing?

Are you dumbfounded as to why people are not falling over themselves to use your technology or service?

Imagine having three to five demos a week with decisionmakers in your target market.

Clients and customers of technology and technology service companies only do business with those they know, like, and trust.

Demos on Demand uses a time-tested, proven system to get technology companies and technology service companies more demos by:

  • Leveraging LinkedIn to connect and nurture decision makers in your target market.
  • Craft a compelling message that gets through all the noise so you can be heard.
  • Educating your new LinkedIn connections through a non-promotional, education-based email campaign using the Marketing Equation that makes you irresistible.
  • Crafting an offer that compels your target market to act and schedule a demo with you.
  • Using the good old fashion telephone to get decision makers on the phone without cold calling, PPC, SEO, or SEM.

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Click here to learn more about how we can help you get three to five demos a week for your technology or technology service.