• Our Business Increased 30% in Just 7 Months

    “In business, I realized that I could not go at it alone. In order to get the business to where I wanted it to go, I knew I needed outside help and outside perspective on taking my business to the next level. We now have a detailed plan that is simple and easy to execute to get my business to the next level.”

    Mike Ratchford
    AGBS Safeguard, Houston, Texas
  • Our Revenue Doubled This Year

    “Prior to working with Charles and his team, I was overworked, frustrated, and exhausted from the demands of my business. By working with Charles and my team, I was able to determine what was missing from my business to take it to the next level. With the systems we put it place, it has allowed me to increase my revenue and free up my time faster than I ever thought possible.”

    Jeffrey Abel
    Abel Design Group, Houston, Texas
  • Finally, I reached Seven Figures

    “When I first met Charles, I was working 60-hour weeks plus weekends. I was stressed out with all of the things I had to do. Despite working so hard, I was not getting much done. After working with Charles for just 3 months, I was able to free up my time to work on the business versus in it. I finally was able to get above the $1 million mark. No way I could have done it without Charles and his team.”

    Heath Quebedeaux
    CEO, Unique HD
  • A Significant Increase in Profits

    “I used to think that running a business was all about delivering great service to my clients. Although that helps, it is hard to do that when you are constantly frustrated with your team, working long hours, and wondering when you will get your life back. After working with Charles and his team, not only do I have my life back, but I am also on pace to have my best year ever while struggling to work 35 hours a week.”

    Eric Ramos
    Owner, Webweevil
  • Finally, Free of the Day-to-Day

    “When we met Charles, I was working 70 hours week without ever feeling that I was caught up. I had to constantly get back into the weeds of the operation. This caused me to lose sleep and prevented me from going out there and selling. After hiring Charles and his team, I am now able to work on the things I love to do versus have to do, and my business is growing again.”

    Doug Colvin
    CEO, ieSmartSystems
  • Best Investment Ever

    “After working with Demos on Demand, I have come to the conclusion that it is the best investment I have ever made.”

    Louis Flory
    President and CEO, Effex Management Solutions
  • I Hit My 12-Month Revenue Goal in the Third Quarter.

    “When I started with Demos on Demand, I was skeptical. However, it did not take them long at all to demonstrate the value they provide. We were able to hit our twelve-month revenue goal in the third quarter.”

    Terri Hoffman
    Owner, Marketing Refresh
  • Demos on Demand Brings in the Army, Airforce, Navy, and Marines to Grow Your Business

    “After working with an appointment setting firm and seeing little results, I was hesitant to engage with Cornerstone. Cornerstone generates sales appointments in a manner that is completely different than any company I have ever worked with. Within the first month, we were able to meet and close a new engagement. They attack the market with such a force that they cannot help but generate quality appointments.”

    Matt Fuhrman
    CEO, Core Group Resources
  • Turn Around of the Century

    “I was at a point in my business where I was about to lose it. After three months of working with Demos on Demand, we were able to climb out of the hole we were in by generating more revenue from our existing clients and getting in front of our ideal prospects. I now have more confidence than ever in the future of my business.”

    Dan Womack
    CEO, Telomack Cabling
  • Demos on Demand has Made a High Impact in My Business

    “For years, I spend a ton of money on telemarketing companies. Even though it worked some of the time, it was not consistent. Now, after engaging with Demos on Demand, I see four to five meetings with great prospects, every week. It is nice to see my business reaching new heights.”

    Gary Remy
    CEO, Bizopia
  • Well, that Was Fast

    “I was having a really hard time getting an offer on a single tenant property in Oklahoma. Within six weeks of engaging Demos on Demand, we got an offer. I trust Charles and his team with helping me grow my business.”

    Albert Mueller
    Stan Johnson & Company
  • Can’t Believe I Got in Front of Fortune 500 CIOs

    “When Cornerstone explained to me how the campaign was going to work, I thought, “why would a CIO of a Fortune 500 company want to meet with me. I am so thankful that Charles and his team proved me wrong.”

    Kelly Hess
    CEO, CompuCycle
  • I Got 2 New Client within 2 Months

    “I have used many lead generation companies in the past and not one of them helped me get any new business. Within two months, I have two new clients.”

    Andy Russell
    Strategic Outsourced Accounting Solutions
  • A Flood of New Sales Opportunities

    “Our solution is aimed at helping Fortune 1000 companies save 10% a year on managing their real estate holdings. Therefore, we only target Director level and above within Real Estate departments. These people are very difficult to reach. Demos on Demand not only helped me get appointments with them, but also our sales pipeline increased dramatically on 4 short months.”

    Steve McKissick
    eBusiness Strategies
  • I am Getting 4-6 Appointments a Week

    “There are a lot of companies that say they can help you grow your business and fall way short. Initially, I put 2 sales reps on the Demos on Demand program as a trial. Each sales rep is getting 3-5 demos a week with highly qualified prospects. Some of those have already closed. I am now looking to roll this out to our entire organization.”

    Bob de Garmo
    The Shamrock Companies